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Is your landscaper doing a great job on your lawn? Did that plumber or electrician you called last week respond promptly, and get the job done right at a reasonable price?

Why not let your neighbors know about the great service you received.  We want to put together a list of reputable companies recommended by homeowners for the benefit of others in our community. 

Feel free to brag about your air conditioning installer or the painter who painted your house so that your neighbors can benefit from their great service.  So post your response here with the name and phone number of the company and/or website link.

Because we live in a historic neighborhood, we are governed by a set of rules approved by CCHN and the Landmark Commission. This means any exterior changes made to your home, must first be approved by the Landmark Commission.

Many people don't realize that this includes changing, improving, or restoring your windows. When we decided to restore our windows a few years ago, we asked someone on the Landmark Commission if they recommend anyone. They gave us the names of a few companies.

We decided on Phoenix Restoration. They specialize in historic restoration and window rehabilitation and they did a great job. Glen Bingham did all the work including all the paperwork with the Landmark Commission. We highly recommend them. You can contact them at: 303.778.9487 

For our yard, we use Jamie Briegel of Solful Gardens. She has done a wonderful job with our yard (274 Vine Street) and indoor plants! And she is an absolute delight to work with. You can reach her at 720-252-5320 or She has several customers in the neighborhood and if we needed anyone for our community landscaping, she would be an obvious choice to talk to.


She also does indoor work of all kinds in the winter. She has helped us clean out lots and lots of clutter!


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I know this is 4 years late, but let's get together that list!

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