Potential Short Term Rental Violation On Neighborhood Boundary

It has been brought to our attention that there is a potential short term rental violation at 410 Marion. While not in the CCHN boundaries, it has caused problems for the nearby CCHN residents. This is an issue to ALL CCHN residents, as it sets a precedent as to what degree we wish to limit short term rentals in or near our neighborhood.
Please read the letter below and respond accordingly.
Thank you,
Sharon Dye
Country Club Historic Board President

Country Club Residents,

I am available to meet on July 20 at 5:00.  As I had mentioned in a previous email, much of the statement taking process can occur in email to save time, and you won’t feel rushed to complete anything while I’m there.

There are two basic things I would look for:

Is the property his primary residence? 
Did you have a relationship with the homeowner before the rentals started (for example, maybe you saw him every day coming home from work, and that has stopped.  Or it may be that since the day the property was purchased, we have never seen a family there)
How often are you around the property (for example, do you live next door or across the street.  Are you retired and at home most days, or do you work from home?  How is it that you can observe that he is never there.  Or that he only shows up when renters leave in order to clean up)
Does anyone else show up during the day to clean the property – wife, cleaning crew, etc.
Have you kept a log sheet of when renters arrive?
Has anyone had a conversation with the licensee about why he purchased the house, or about the rentals – what was his response?
Anything else that you can think of regarding not seeing the homeowner at the property

What types of disturbances has the rental caused?
Have there been any loud parties that have kept you up at night?  Do you have a date/time?  Describe what was going on (loud music, yelling, party buses dropping people off at 2:00am)
How close are you to the home (share a fence, across the street)?
Have any of the renters left trash in the neighborhood, or are the trash cans left on the street for days?
Have there been any renters that have been confrontational?  (about loud parties, parking, trash, etc.)
Have you called the police?  What happened if the police did show up?

If possible, write the statement on word document so that it will be easy to edit if I have follow up questions, and I can make a simple concise report to the City Attorney.  I will also bring statement forms to the meeting if you want to write it there.

At the meeting, if you have any other evidence (video, pictures, log sheets, notes), please bring them to the meeting, or if possible, email them to me.

For those that I haven’t spoken to directly, my phone number is (720) 865-2750.  Feel free to call with any questions/concerns.

Thank you,


Brian Snow | Compliance Program Administrator
Department of Excise & Licenses | City & County of Denver  
720.865.2750 | Brian.Snow@denvergov.org